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    Ever wondered where young people go to retire? Well, if you’re ever in Portland, Oregon you’ve made it to the right place.

    Maddy and I spent a couple of days down in stumptown for a Valentines day getaway back in the middle of February. We partook in our cravings for delicious Thai food at our favorite restaurant Pok Pok, ate amaretto soaked french toast, scoped the weirdest of weirdos downtown, busted the muffler on the car, watched American Netflix and photographed a few of the sights to be seen.

    If you ever get a chance to head south, make sure you go to Portland. It will definitely be one of the funkiest and weirdest cities you’ll have ever been to.

    For more information, watch this:

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    I want to revisit Portland right now. I want to wake up tomorrow and partake in all of its wonder.
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